Gtszone 157 Aerial Calamity

12:42 video

Danielle Trixxie is a scientist who is secretly working on a portable particle rifle, capable of reducing matter at an atomic level she has been developing it for a company that will pay her a fortune for her invention. One day, after a successful test on cars and trucks, she decided she would test her invention on larger objects, upon looking at the sky, she spotted a jetliner and decided to give her invention a go. her invention successfully shrinks the jetliner down to the size of a scale model plane, with the terrified passengers still inside. joyfully, she abducts the jet and takes it inside to further inspect her tiny captives. She is overwhelmed at how tiny its passengers have become, while the horrified crew looks in disbelief at what occurred. we find out that the jetliner was hijacked by a terrorist group and was headed on a collision course to the white house with only the terrorists on board. a phone call quickly props her to place her tiny ship on the table for a minute while she's away. upon her return, she discovers the plane had actually taken off from the table and is now trying to find an escape from her apartment. Danielle furiously gives chase, attempting to swat it down and eventually shrinking it further down to make it easier to capture. the goons soon learn a cruel lesson, as the jet must escape one rampaging Danielle Trixie

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